India to soon welcome UberEATS to its shores!

Nothing is as luxuriating as sitting on the couch in a moderately cold room during India’s sweltering heat. With your favourite TV show on Netflix (Amazon Prime Video maybe? You know it’s easy on the wallet) and a couple of double chocolate bars. Boy, whatever happened to waiting until weekends. The tough part here is, who is to get those bars for you? Going out of the house just spoils the equation. UberEATS might have a solution! 


Majority of us have convincingly ordered food from our local vendors over the years. The likes of Swiggy and Zomato has shown us a new wave in the way food is ordered today. it is just getting started with those steep discounts. 

We may witness a new player in the food delivery space as early as the coming quarter. 

Not so surprisingly, India could soon welcome UberEATS to its shores as early as the second quarter of 2017. UberEATS would have separate operations than its taxi hailing service UBER. UberEATS team has assumed to have started work in Mumbai, Gurugram, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, as per Economic Times

Recently, Google also launched it’s food ordering app in Mumbai and Bengaluru called Aero. This is telling of the fact that the food-delivery segment stays warm for another year.

UberEATS has already started discussions with restaurant partners in India are assumed to be charging a commission of about 20-25 percent which is a bit more than Swiggy’s 10-15 percent in India. UberEATS is already present in 62 cities globally and expects to do well in India. Uber’s competitor, OLA had earlier introduced OLA Cafe only to be discontinued soon after.

With the taxi aggregator UBER already used abundantly in most parts of India, It should be interesting to see how UberEATS shapes up to leave a mark in India.