Impeccable Coffee Flavors to Try this Summer.

Starbucks recently launched 3 exhilarating flavors Vanilla Tahitian, Coconut Expresso, and Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino. Boy, does it provide some respite from the scorching summers? Our take on the drinks.

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Tahitian Vanilla

Tahitian Vanilla

A quick blend of fresh in-house coffee with half a cup loaded with sweet Vanilla. Wait until the coffee intermingles with the Vanilla for the taste to develop. Until then, dwell into the couch and try to click the perfect Instagram shot. That’s exactly what we did while swirling. Well, after 49 takes, here’s the one we think should go up as the ultimate coffee shot. 

Coconut Water Espresso Shakerato

Coconut Water Espresso Shakerato

We call it the utopian summer-drink. The refreshing tender coconut transits you to your dreamy beach vacation just by the brew alone. Take the first sip and you know that the seasonal drink has got you by the tongue. I mean, Is there anything refreshing than a speck of coffee with coconut water?  

Fo Says – The shakerato is prepared by shaking together a shot of espresso with ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and simple syrup.

So, get a little Starbucksy to savor these cool summer drinks!