In the hustle-bustle of our daily routine, somewhere we tend to ignore our diet and land up eating oily, greasy and unhealthy food.


We always try to figure out ways to stay and eat healthy but somehow lack the motivation to do so. But now we have an easy solution to it.


SNACKIBLE is a Mumbai based company which has come up with a unique concept of healthy snacking which is reasonably priced and conveniently reachable. They basically solve problems regarding your mid-meal hunger pangs. They function on subscription models and Ala-carte menus.


Aditya realized that there is a peculiar eating pattern which everyone follows at their workplace i.e. consuming oily snacks with tea or coffee so he came up with the idea of SNACKIBLE whose main aim is to deliver healthy, tasty and unique snacks.

Jalapeno PEanuts

Currently SNACKIBLE has launched two new products named Cream & Onion Whole Wheat Thins and Dark Chocolate Power Bar. The snack consists of flax seeds and high fiber. Besides that it is totally baked rather than fried. The latter is the perfect post and pre workout snack made up of pumpkin seeds, peanut butter, oats and has no added sugar in it. In fact, it has especially been sweetened with raisins and honey.



Soon SNACKIBLE is spreading its wings in the retail sector of Mumbai and is also planning to launch in other metropolitan cities very soon.


If you are tempted to order from SNACKIBLE, you can visit them here.