We definitely know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but a diplomat’s mind? This man surely seems to have got that idea right.

Travelling round the world and meeting dignitaries of different nations seems to be more of a gastronomical delight for our PM.

Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto drove Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a restaurant all by himself for Mexican vegetarian fare. The two headed to a restaurant called ‘Quintonil’ to bond over a vegetarian dinner. 


On his maiden visit to Singapore, Modi had a vegetarian dinner with his counterpart Lee Hsien Loong and his wife at an Indian restaurant in Little India.

Not the first time in the international arena but is for us considering our previous PMs.

I hate it when we have to read into situations, find intentions that might not be. It could just be a casual dinner to bond without the ties holding their neck. They are normal people like us -with a little added power.

But we can’t resist it now, can we? These men could surely order the best meal and have it served in the tidiest dining hall, then why this?

FOOD FOR PAPPARAZI – Diplomats? Local Diner? Now, that is gonna make a few heads turn around.

INTO THE COMFORT ZONE- All the loosening up, makes it easier for future plans of visit.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, COMMON PEOPLE. The ones huddled around the television watching this highlight develop a random sense of liking for that country, softening any thought of hostility they may have!

One stone, many birds.

But one thing to be admired is that hospitality wasn’t contained within the four walls of the office but even at the diner where the hosts went ahead with vegetarian meals.

Well, I’m sure every time the PM gets onto the flight, the office calls in to wish Bon Appetite!