As the drought situation in the country prevails, the shepherd community in Sindhanur Taluk in Raichur district has been forced to hang the carcasses of their sheep on trees to as a last ditch attempt to invoke divine powers to save sheep from disease and please the rain gods to bring showers. The sheep have been dying as a result foot and mouth disease and because of lack of drinking water and fodder.

Editor’s Note: Save water, assholes.

However the sheep which are not dying by foot and mouth disease(maybe even the ones who are) may be contributing to the production of your favorite flavor of bubble gum.

Say wut bro?

Say wut bro?

As it turn out, it has been found that chewing gum contains lanolin. Which although sounds like a combination of the words latex and loin, is not the name of a sexual fetish.

or so we hoped…

Lanolin is a waxy secretion from the sebaceous glands of the skin of sheep. Its function is to make sheep’s wool waterproof. Generally used as an ingredient in skin products, it also has finds application in chewing gum. Lanolin is present as a component of chewing gum base. Which is basically the rubbery substance that makes bubble gum chewy.

“But don’t manufacturers need to mention that they’re adding fucking sheep extract to chewing gum?”, you ask.

Lol, nope.

As lanolin is a part of the “base”, it is regarded as standardized and the manufacturers do not need to reveal its individual ingredients.

This doesn’t just apply to lanolin though. Without regulations forcing the manufacturers to reveal the individual ingredients that go into making the base and a legion of consumers who simply don’t give a fuck its impossible to know what exactly goes into making these treats.

Your speculations of chewing gum being packaged alien brain scooped up from the Roswell crash? Might as well be true.