A naked restaurant by the name of ‘The Amrita’ will open in Tokyo next month. ‘The Amrita’ is Japan’s first naked restaurant. But, this isn’t the first naked restaurant that the world has seen. Previously, naked restaurants have opened in The UK and in Australia. Amrita, in Sanskrit, means immortal. A similar naked restaurant in The UK is called ‘Bunyadi’, which is also an Indian name.nacked-People1

A bit on the costlier side, the nudity isn’t even the most surprising prerequisite. The customer, who has to be between 18-60 years of age, has to be fit. That means, if you aren’t healthy you aren’t getting in. So if the staff suspects that you look even the teensiest bit unhealthy, you’ll be weighed in and if it is found out that your weight isn’t appropriate for your height, you won’t be allowed to dine at the restaurant, irrespective of your stature in the society or your richness.amrita-e1465609739294

“If you are more than 15 kilograms (33 pounds) above the average weight for your height, we ask you to refrain from making a reservation”. You won’t get a refund if you book in advance and are unhealthy. “In London they allow overweight patrons in and some guests complained they had a terrible experience,” Amrita spokeswoman Miki Komatsu told AFP, denying that the establishment was guilty of discrimination. “If fat people are allowed in it could be miserable for some guests,” she said. “Guests can see the guidelines clearly on our homepage. We are aiming for a sort of Roman aesthetic; like the beautiful paintings you see in museums.”4jNsYJrr68c54130942be5741e67-3634878-Diners_will_fork_out_up_to_80_000_yen_750_for_tickets_at_Tokyo_s-a-11_1465560203447

Rules to follow for dining in The Amrita: 

  1. You are not allowed to touch fellow diners or talk to them.
  2. Tattooed customers are barred from entry.
  3. You have to lock away your phones and cameras while entering the restaurant.
  4. More importantly, once you do manage to get in, you won’t be completely nude. You will have to wear a paper underwear, which will be provided by the restaurant, to cover the parts where the sun doesn’t shine.

Now coming to the dining charges, the guests will have to pay 80,000 yen ($750) for tickets to eat the food and that will be served by muscle-bound men wearing G-strings and the waiters wearing the G-strings isn’t even the clanger. The naked restaurant also offers a show with dancers and banquet, Male dancers.

Regular reservations excluding the show can be purchased for 14,000 yen, 18,000 yen or 28,000 yen. Reservations will be available on the nights of 29, 30 and 31 July on the restaurant’s official homepage. More details can be found on their official website, here