The Indian sub-continent has since ages been referred as the land of spices and snake charmers, but over the years we have grown and today we are amongst the top 7 economic destinations for modern business. We still go strong in exporting spices to the world at large and hold pride in being the best in class.


To honour the rapport that our country clenches, Spices Board is going to soon set up first of its kind Spice Museum at Willingdon Island, Kochi, to educate tourists and seafarers on the history and growth of Indian spices industry.

The museum would showcase the entire gamut of Indian spices, its history and the cultivation method to the tourists. Like any other museum, the idea of Indian spices would be communicated with the help of art, paintings and sculptures. There would also be an exhibition of export quality spices for tourists wanting to purchase them.

In a statement, Dr A Jayathilak, chairman, Spices Board, states, “The museum will be an information centre on quality spices to attract sailors and overseas tourists.”

Let us spice up our exports a bit more!