Nope, it isn’t a troll if you’d be thinking. Budweiser sincerely got its name changed. The good ole brand that ruled the beer drinking age would now be called America.

Budweiser is on a patriotic spell and said it would re-brand the cans and the bottles until the November elections. There has been special edition cans by Budweiser in the past for similar reasons. This in particular, would go on for the entire summer. Summer being the best season for beer sales, the company expects a double digit growth with this brand shift.


Furthermore, Budweiser is referred as the king of beers. Being on the throne, the brand’s font that you see on the cans is hand-drawn and creatively unique. Which means, the new name is also hand-drawn making it the new brand face. They are in for some serious business folks.

So, what do you drink in America?

A- America.