One list India is not proud being a part of is the ‘Import Refusal Report’ which lists refusal actions taken by the FDA against imported products.

Haldiram’s – a well-known manufacturer of Indian snacks based in Nagpur, seems to be the hot favorite, not only in the Indian household but on this red list as tabled by the US FDA as well.

The reasons for refusal varied from packaging and labeling to alleged contamination.

Labelling? They should’ve been careful about that. Probably slipped their mind. Maybe because our nation isn’t home to a majority of population with allergies to soy, milk, gluten, eggs, almonds, cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, pecan nuts, you-name- it-and- I-itch- nuts.

The snacks were said to be contaminated and found to contain high levels of pesticides, mold and the bacteria salmonella. Wow, either US labs need to check their testing dyes and chemicals or Indians could just be the next super-heroes for ingesting all that and still staying alive.

in case you didn't get the hint.

in case you didn’t get the hint.

Another important ingredient is marble dust which went from disposal option to being sold at Rs.19/kg. That help to another industry, growth of economy and poisoning of course, must be appreciated.

But how do we know if it’s true? We do have a tendency to jump to conclusions.

FDA commission in Maharashtra conducted tests on various samples and found it to be not so very contaminated. Turns out the batch tested in US was manufactured in Noida. Another reason Maharashtra has, to hate UP.


A senior vice-president at Haldiram’s was quoted saying that the products are “100% safe”, and that “pesticide that is permitted in India may not be allowed there (US).”

See folks, nothing to worry about.

Hold on, there are pesticides permitted in India?

I am consuming pesticides not only in my Green- revolutionized crops, milk from cattle eating those crops, meat from the cattle……oh well, that’s banned, by some peeps. Wait, do I get hanged for mentioning it ? …….but also in snacks that have no relation to healthy veggies?

Damn, I am a super hero.