Frooti Jumps to number 2 in the Mango drinking market.

Yes, the not so good Shahrukh Khan ads have done some magic for the Indian mango drink, Frooti. Parle Agro’s Frooti jumped to number 2 position outselling Pepsico’s Slice in the last quarter. This plunge has been seen after nearly a decade and the multinational brand isn’t quite joyful about it.


The mango drink industry in India is estimated at about  6300 crores and Frooti’s share is a little over 25%. Coca Cola’s Mazza is leading the charts since a long time with 48% share. Slice’s share has gone down to 23%.

Frooti’s brand communication took a turn after they roped in the king of bollywood, Shahrukh Khan to promote the brand in 2014. The strategy was for both, kids and adults. It has quite done the job.

Competition is getting complex with emerging brands in the mango flavoured drinks. Coca Cola wants to transform Mazza into the first billion dollar juice brand in the non-carbonated segment.