More and more consumers today have emerged into healthy and ethnic drinking by taking guilt free alternatives. This has largely affected the fizz drink industry. McDonald’s launched kokum, raw mango and musk melon to replace apple and orange juices in outlets in west and south India. This is aligned with consumers changing preferences.


International soda giants have seen this shift in consumers drinking patterns and have introduced ethnic options over fizzy ones. Localised flavours like mango, guava, pomegranate and litchi have grown at a massive pace against the international variants. This has triggered the demand for coconut water drinks too. 

Dabur has launched Real coconut after recognising the changing consumer needs. In the packaged drinks segment, Pepsi Co owned Tropicana has the largest market share followed by Real fruit juices. It is fair to say that the indigenous brands like Paper Boat have a reasonable demand too as it has over taken Del Monte juices in the country.

What seems to be as an emergence of local flavours replacing traditional apple and orange based drinks could actually impact an introduction of a variety of fruit based local drinks on a global scale.