Not quite long ago, we spoke about IKEA’s appetizing meat balls. Look’s like they has heard to our crying and is here to rescue us. IKEA plans to open up it’s first fully-operational store (Read – Humongous restaurant with a galore of one thousand seatings) in Hyderabad,India.

IKEA restaurants

It is confirmed that they are planning to launch their first store by the end of December 2017. IKEA expects to capitalize on the ever-increasing Hyderabad market. The store would be spread across 100,000 thousand square feet which would include a IKEA’s prominent restaurant.

Out of the 700 crore project, what we are fascinated by is a great deal of Swedish and Indian cuisine. IKEA has always been on point with their captivating store designs and their wit to keep its customers engaged at all times. Never has a person come out of an IKEA store with sadness written all over. Their in-house restaurant would just act as a cherry on the cake. Their products are renowned for their innovativeness and low-price. Likewise, we expect the restaurant’s ambiance to be as interactive and engaging as the store, and of course easy on the pocket.

What’s on the Menu – 

Ikea’s in-house restaurant and bakery will serve Swedish cuisine such as salmon, chicken meat balls, mashed potato, cinnamon buns, croissant, blueberry jam and cloudberry, also called the gold of Sweden because the berry has to be picked one by one.

By 2020, they are planning to venture into India’s major markets and dominate the Swedish cuisine. Until then Smaklig Måltid.