Know all about Pulse' new TV commercial.

Pulse, the candy that doesn’t stop you from allowing the paan shop to give in exchange for change. DS Group Pulse was launched in 2015 with an idea of simply penetrating the candy market. Surprisingly, it picked up and made 100 crores in sales within 8 months and have trebled since. So, why did they have to suddenly venture into your television? 

Watch the TVC here, 

Although the candy brand was commendable in the absence of mass-media, Pulse floated a TVC a few days ago. Pulse has not only managed to stick around as a kids brand but also has a fare share for youngsters. The TVC emphasises on the idea of how adults stash the candy in order to have it ready to munch when the need be. Hence, “Pran Jaaye, Par Pulse Na Jaaye” seems to be heavily relatable to its audience. 

The campaign timing is as per the plan, says Shashank Surana, VP, new product development, DS Group. “We believe the TVC should be on air only after the product-placement is at least 60% of the retail shelves. The consumer is not going to be very patient if the product is not available and the brand-promotion is out, he says. In Pulse’s case, the brand has already crossed the 60% distribution threshold. The candy-brand started its journey with the Kachcha Aam flavour in 2015 and has added guava, Mango and most recently Pineapple along the way.”

Moreover, The marketing budget for Pulse is 8 crores. This is spread across digital, print, radio, outdoor and television. Combining all these activities, the brand would like to reach a higher spot and dig deeper into the ecosystem. 

In recent times, Pulse has been the market leader with its eccentric tang of flavours. ITC is assumed to be testing a similar variant in the candy market under the name Candyman Tadka. ITC, for what it’s worth, will be trying to grip over Pulse with it’s marketing clout.