Journey of Chole Kulcha from Delhi-Mumbai

What Vada Pav is to Mumbai, streetside Chole Kulcha is to Delhi. If you have visited Delhi or you know someone who has, you definitely know what I am talking about. Chole Kulche has a love affair with the people of Delhi. From the extensive business streets of Gurgaon to the clogged busy old Delhi, this street food stall is always just a few steps away.Chole Kulche 2

 A man who works in a saree store, the South Delhi businessman and a tourist, they all unite at the mercy of this dish. The scrumptious Delhi styled Chole Kulcha stall (Chickpea and Indian Bread) has now arrived in Mumbai. I want you to try it out cause I am totally drooling over it.

Delhi Street food Mumbai

I am absolutely not doing any justice to its exact taste. Although, I’ll try to elaborate a bit of my experience. Nestled in Goregaon, the city’s IT suburb, one can find a stall with a humongous golden pot tilted perpendicular to its base, almost as if someone replaced Congress’s hands for a golden vessel. The owners are from Delhi, so one can say, they have the right starting point. They make your experience authentic by serving savoury masala chickpea with white flatbread mostly fired in butter. The added chilly pickle is your ticket to enter the wonderland of authentic food capital Delhi.

The war of the two cities about street food doesn’t seem to settle. Besides, it seems like bringing the most popular dish from Delhi is a great win for Mumbai.