Tea is indispensable for most people in the city. With the number of tea drinkers growing each day, folks do feel like testing out variations in their indigenous drink. The Tea Pot Cafe housed near Fort, Mumbai, makes sure that your afternoon hunger pangs are met with the most nutritious and scrumptious meals.


A giant tea pot invites you to the quaint little place. You find a snuggish couch waiting for you while you try to gauge the ambience of the cafe, boy, this just feels like home would spill right off your tongue. It’s time you loose yourself on the couch while you hover on to the menu card. Apart from the delicious tea, the decently priced food takes you by awe and you end up hogging more than you should crediting the taste and the service. 

Next time you are around the Bombay Stock Exchange and worried about our dwindling stock market, the chocolate mousse sure takes the pressure off. We recommend our readers to drop in and meet the owner to have a friendly tittle-tattle about the astounding food. 

Talking about the food, The Tea Pot cafe is widely famous for home made garlic mushroom soup, Parsi Acuri on Toast and their own invention, Khari par edu here are some of our other top picks from this cozy home-like joint.

Fo Ninja recommendations – 

Chocolate Mousse  

mousse 1

Tiramisu Coffee

Tiramisu 2Tiramisu 1



Bacon and egg burger with chicken patty




Tip – Ask for some extra cookies with your tea.