You Won't Believe that these Foods are Banned Around the World.

More often than not you come across news about countries all around which ban ordinary things for reasons so strange that you start doubting their supporting logic. By things, we most certainly mean banned foods. Here’s your dose of logical migraine and mysterious reasons behind banned food items.

Kinder Eggs 

Kinder eggs

Banned – The United States.

Reason – Contravenes the 1938 Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act which bans items containing a “non-nutritive object.”

Kids around the world – It’s 2017, Eat What You Love.

Chewing Gum


Banned – Singapore

Reason – Singapore banned the import of gum in 1992 as the mess left by chewers became to expensive to clean up. 

Eats a gum, blows through it to make a huge-ass balloon. Stretches for it to burst on the face. 


The photographs have been captured by Vivek Pathak showcasing his passion for preparing recipes using olives and olive oil.

Banned – Parts of Somalia under the control of the Islamist extremist group Al-Shabaab

Reason – They believes that these three-pointed snacks represent the Christian holy trinity.

Open challenge – Just try banning Samosas in India. Unless, someone thinks of the green chutney to be anti-national and too green to be Indian. In that case, Samosas would be sold with the orange chutney only. 

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seed and head isolated on white background vector illustration

Banned – Singapore, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE

Reason – Considered ‘prohibited goods’ by Singapore’s Central Narcotics Bureau, Saudi Arabia also bans them on religious grounds.

Well, not the seed you need to be worked up about. If this is banned in India, the number of people offended would just be a percentage of Jio users (Oh, the numbers have skyrocketed!), Maybe, Docomo users. Moving on…

Blueberry Nutri-gain Bars

blueberry nutrigain bars

Banned – Norway, Finland and France. 

Reason – Contains the artificial colouring Blue. 

You are in India, food-colouring is as common as breaking traffic rules. You got this. 

Raw Unpasteurised Milk


Banned – Some US states, Canada, Scotland, Australia.

Reason – Due to potential pathogens present that may be harmful.

Let’s just keep it this way. Seriously though, raw milk? Whoever drinks it!  



Banned – Europe 

Reason – Contains konjac, konjac gum or konjac glucomannan, which are banned in the UK because their slippery texture is a choking hazard.

Sure, they clearly don’t realise what they are missing out on! Cold Raspberry Jelly is divine.  

India has been quite on its feet when it’s about banning things in the country. We are lucky to not have banned foods like these.

These are some of our picks. Let us know in the comments about banned foods you have heard of. 

Credits – The Culture Trip