India’s latest food safety controversy involves your morning loaf of bread.

The Food Safety Standards Association India aka FSSAI finally put a ban on the use of potassium bromate after finding it in 84% of the bread samples.

The study said that the chemical can cause cancer-viola, another carcinogenic product! The FSSAI said that the health ministry is yet to issue a legal notice for the ban. 


Apart from potassium bromate, there are 1100 other additives added to our food to make it tasty.

The study was conducted by Center of Science and Environment and they collected 38 samples from Delhi out of with 84% contained potassium borate! Another chemical, Potassium Iodate’s presence was affirmed and it causes thyroid problem but because there is not enough evidence available, the health ministry cannot ban it.

Although other countries have put a complete ban on both chemicals, India continues to put it in our bakery items.


And we thought the only con of bakery products was calories.