It’s certain that the heat is killing you and your eagerness for monsoon has never been so evident. Of course you didn’t get a chance to enjoy the first rain, but you definitely thank it for a drop in the temperature. Turns out, your favourite drink still has a lot of days left for summer. 

Who are we talking about? A- Coca-Cola.


The beverage major has hit an all time high with their cans being priced at Rs.100 at it’s partner food joints, McDonald’s and Haldiram’s (Check how Haldiram’s got under the FDA scanner) which are still available at Rs. 30 at the retail stores. 

At McDonald’s the prices were at Rs. 60 until the past fortnight, now all the cans have an MRP of Rs. 100 on them. They are charging a mark up of Rs. 50 says a trade insider. Surprisingly, their purchase price form Coca-Cola still remains the same, says a spokesperson. These QSRs expect their sales to be as outrageous as the heat. 


As far as the higher MRP for the same product is concerned, we’ve got you covered, “The differential MRP is legally permitted under law and is not restricted to one brand or products. It is often practised to maintain parity with the price charged for other products in the same or similar channels such as airlines, restaurants and cinemas.” 

Similarly, Coke exclusive Indigo and DT Cinemas will have a price hike to leverage off the summer. 

You might want to stick to ordering just the food and consuming free wanter from the dispenser as your beverage.