The internet is filled with hacks related to every particular aspect of your life. These hacks are so useful because they make our lives much simpler and the process, faster! The same is the case with food hacks too. As delicious as some of these foods are, sometimes the way you consume it may just be a tad bit tiring or you may just feel lazy to just do it. And most of the time the reason behind this is that you are just doing it WRONG. So just to make your life a wee bit simpler I have compiled some of the most brilliant food hacks and the correct way to do it.

  1. Let’s begin with one of my favorite and also a tested hack, the CUPCAKE hack. So what you do is, you cut the sponge part from the bottom and you place it on top of the cupcake. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the icing with every bite that you take. Doesn’t it taste better and is much less messy when done this way? It sure does!giphy (2)
  2. For the next hack we use eggs and capsicum rings, horizontally sliced and seasoning as per your preference. All you need to do is heat the rings, and drop the egg into the ring and wait for it to cook, season it and voila! TASTY AFgiphy (3)
  3. To prevent spill overs use this simple trick: Place a wooden ladle on top of the vessel which would prevent the bubbles from flowing over hence preventing spill overs!11.-Placing-wooden-spoon-like-this-will-prevent-spill-overs-700x1052
  4. For getting more juice out of your lime, all you gotta do is microwave it for 15-17 seconds before squeezing them.Especially if you are taking it right off the refrigerator. It is because of the difference in the room temperature and the temperature of the refrigerator.aid529216-728px-Make-Citrus-Fruit-Easier-to-Squeeze-(Microwave-Method)-Step-1
  5. Want perfectly round pancakes? Clean out your old ketchup bottle or any bottle which allows you to squeeze it freely, fill it up with the batter, and then carefully squeeze it onto the hot frying pan. Perfectly shaped delicious pancakes!pancake-bottle-small
  6. Some recipes require you to separate the egg yolk from the egg shells which can prove to be a tedious or messy task. But now all you got to do is break the egg onto a plate and then use a bottle to suck the yolk from the white and separate it. Now the reason the yolk gets sucked into the bottle is because when you squeeze the bottle a vacuum gets created inside it and when you release your grip, this vacuum sucks in whatever is closest to it, and in this case, the yolk. Simple and Easy!giphy (6)
  7. Diet conscious but still want to enjoy French fries? Boil your potatoes before frying them and that way they will consume lesser oil and fry up faster.


  8. Here’s how you are supposed to take off the cover from Hershey’s Kisses.53345a73048a6
  9. So many different flavours in tea but you don’t know how to get the best out of them? This may help:533463d8532f1 5334611c053c7
  10. Here’s how to get the best out of your veggies:5334642512bb8
  12. Peeling garlic cloves is a time consuming and ‘smelly’ process. Not if you do it this way. Fresh smelling fingers and low time-consuming process!345452_v1
  13. Just dip an Oreo using a fork into the milk to avoid wet fingers.BBsFQHa
  14. The next time you peel off a ginger, use a spoon to do so instead of using a knife. Much faster and less waste!peeling-ginger1
  15. Judging the ripeness of the avocado can be difficult from just having a look at it from the outside. Well, not really.1476193-980x
  16. Try slicing your ice-cream with a warm knife at your parties instead of scooping it. Again, the temperature difference does the trick!easiest-way-serve-stubborn-ice-cream-isnt-with-scooper.w654
  17. This one is for the Cheese and Wine snobs!53fc400708a03
  18. Add frozen grapes to your wine to quickly chill it.d8utcp1fzgtegi6zmula
  19. Don’t have fancy measuring stuff for your ingredients? Worry no more for this may help you.enhanced-buzz-8310-1376678444-3

 20. Keep your eggs moist by placing a bread on topenhanced-buzz-10007-1376678023-1

So, now that you know about these hacks, try to use them whenever possible and make your lives easier!